Monday, March 28, 2011


In today's business world Business Coaching is very vital, What one could achieve in 5 years can now be achieved in two years or less with good coaching.
Read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Take Control of your finances

Most people think the are in control of their finances. The truth is THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY NEVER IN CONTROL. Why? I Its simple, you work hard for your cash, like all the others then get paid. Once you get paid you budget for all that cash and think you are in control. NO your finances are controlling you instead. Think about it keenly, you wish that you would get a pay rise or maybe get a loan or worse still win a lottery.

The financial world does not work that way. Seat back and relax and i will give you an example of taking control. If you earn KES 20,000 ($250) how best can you spend it? will you go along getting all the goodies that money can buy or will you invest it? I suggest the latter.

In that case lets say you have a debt of KES 5,000($62.5) and so you are only left with KES 15,000($187.5) to spend. I suggest you pay yourself the KES 20,000 ($250)first and invest it in a second hand clothes"mtumba" business in a market place and be sure you can rip off KES 30,000($375) in two weeks. You will pay off your debt and still remain with KES 25,000($312.5). See how simple it is?

This is just an example, think of creatve ways to make your money work for you instead of working for your money. one way you can also make money is being online. Yes you can make money online by refferal programmes and filling forms for companies that are lazy to do so.

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Monday, February 21, 2011


Today, I want to share with you a lesson that took me over 10 years to learn it right. My purpose is to help you learn the lesson in a shorter time. I have realized that life gives us lessons in very diverse ways. Being a Student, I have been very diligent in my studies and all that pertains a student. My greatest worry is the soaring unemployment in our country today. I often ask myself, "What happens when I finish school? Will I sit over waiting to get a good job and secure salary?" I have never gotten the answer till recently. If the answer is YES, then I will be a normal guy who will work hard and raise a family and get entitled to all the benefits. Then?

Why have I been a student for as long as I can remember and then face the threat of unemployment? Today the world has changed, the rules that applied in the past are being outdated. Keeping in mind that this year alone 750,000 young adults will join the already saturated job market in Kenya, Its unlikely that all these people will get places in two years. See what I mean? I don't despise education because it is essential for all. What I am driving to is the fact that our education has been so efficient and currently we have "over-production"  of graduates.

By now you must be wondering why I am saying all this. Many young people dream of owning business empires, I am included, but don't get me wrong.  But have you ever asked your self how many times you have taken guts and started a small business even if the risks are high? I have.One time in my life I started a photocopy shop with two of my friends and it was not easy, but the difference comes when you DON'T GIVE UP. We made losses and at a time we could not even raise the rent and we thought of quitting. But NO, winners are those who never quit. So why do you want to only be dreaming instead of living your dream?

Why are you sitting on the fence? Start out something NOW! From the time I established that business to date my thoughts on employment changed to thoughts to self employment. Most of us will say "...but I have no CAPITAL!" Say that no more because time has come when you can BUILD YOUR CAPITAL FROM NOTHING. All you need it a bit of time in the Internet and you are good to go.

Keep in mind that what I am about to link you too has worked for others and it can also work for you. Visit this link and you will start building your capital NOW!
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Monday, February 14, 2011


Ever wondered what multi-level marketing does? Well, I am sure most of you have but maybe let me just give it a different perspective in comparison with online jobs at 'earnpattimejobs'. Basically it marketing by members rather than using advertisement on the media. By definition, 'multi' for many and of course 'level' for stages. Multi-level marketing uses many stages to promote products.

See the picture:  Its shows essentially how multilevel marketing works. A member joins the company under a referee and the creates their own network through recruiting others.

Taking an example, If a company wants to sell its products to the consumers, then it registers members who use their various skills to sell the products and make profit. It is essentially the same principle with "earn part time jobs". What it does is register members who use their referral links to invite others to be members. The difference is the fact that 'earn part time jobs' offers jobs to members who get paid for their services.

I suppose you are interested to know what jobs are offered. It's simple, from filling forms to surveys. Easy, right? Then you too can join the others and work online. Its more flexible and you can work anytime you want.